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Saturday marked the completion of my sixth month in Seoul. I am officially half-way there, whatever “there” means. Half-way to the end? To the start? It is unclear at this time.

My sister, unknowingly anticipating the occasion, sent a care package which arrived just in time to celebrate. It contained Reeses miniatures and Twizzlers. Please note use of the past tense. While I am more often inclined toward “Get your Frankenstein food away from me; bring on the brown rice,” I am also equal parts “Candy makes a perfectly acceptable breakfast.” I took this delivery to mean I did not have to go grocery shopping all weekend, and for that I am eternally grateful.


Since living abroad has lost its newness and has moved into territory that can only be described as perfectly normal, I arrive at my seventh month without any great revelation or swelling orchestra. Instead, I have a growing list of Things I Miss More Than I Thought I Would.

I seem to like lists of 10, so we’ll just keep things consistent.

1. dryers
2. Trader Joe’s
3. my guitar
4. home decorating
5. pets
6. “dinner parties/backyard BBQ’s/wine & Project Runway with Janelle” type affairs
7. my career
8. yoga classes & their respective teachers
9. tending to plants
10. ovens

I’ve found decent tacos, some really great pubs, some lovely new friends, and plenty of alternatives to my favorite hang-outs. Hot Dogs on Sticks are hardly a replacement for Top Dog, but they will do for now. The mountains make up for the ocean. And thanks to visitors and care packages, I have been supplied with (hopefully) enough deoderant to finish out my Tour of Duty powder fresh and odor-free.

But these other things…I’m afraid they don’t fit in a box.


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