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Teacher’s Day

teacher's day letter from lena

To Stephanie.

Hi! I’m Lena. Today is Teacher’s day in Korea. But, In America doesn’t have teacher’s day!! You know, I don’t speak well at English. My wish is to speak English well. So, I want to learn English a lot from you. I can understand your talk, but I can’t answer with your question. Please help me!!

Anyway, I will do what I can.

When I met you first, I was scared. Because, You are my first yellow hair foreigner in Korea. I think, You are very good teacher in academy. Another Class, we can speak Korean to Teacher. But aren’t you. I must speak English to you, so I can improve my speak in efficiency. Thank you, Stephanie!

– Lena –

You know what, Lena. You are only 12. You speak just fine at English. Thank you for the best present someone can get on Teacher’s Day.


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Three guesses.

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