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It’s true that I prattle on about Flickr and its virtues. It’s true that I use such superlative proclamations as “Flickr has changed my life” and “If I could make-out with a website, I would make-out with Flickr.”

But it is also true that Flickr has brought some amazing people into my life, including A German who flew all the way to Korea to eat Two Two Chicken with me. These are the kind I like to call “Keepers”. And Flickr is now responsible for providing me with a network of friends here in Seoul, a group of individuals who like to take photos and drink beer, which is remarkably convenient considering my own personal interests.

This last week I had the pleasure of meeting my new friends not once but twice; first on Sunday for an afternoon of shooting, and then again on Thursday at Seoul’s 24 Hours of Flickr party, where I was able to pose for polaroids using this trademarked ass grabbing pose.

Interestingly yet not surprisingly, I don’t shoot very much at these gatherings. I’m too busy with all the Talking With My HandsĀ® to operate my camera. Additionally, my poor little Minolta shrinks into the background with significant megapixel envy as soon as all those SLRs are whipped out. I cannot talk about cleaning sensors or the finer points of using the 50mm prime, but I do get to exhaust others with my devotion to Adobe Lightroom and my tendency to overshare.

It is now clear that had I gotten around to joining up with this group earlier, I could have saved myself several months of whining about isolation and loneliness. Next weekend we’ll be communing at Olympic Park to take pictures of the Dr. Suess trees; I look forward to being the expert on the location, the Tour Guide for my new friends.


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Saturday marked the completion of my sixth month in Seoul. I am officially half-way there, whatever “there” means. Half-way to the end? To the start? It is unclear at this time.

My sister, unknowingly anticipating the occasion, sent a care package which arrived just in time to celebrate. It contained Reeses miniatures and Twizzlers. Please note use of the past tense. While I am more often inclined toward “Get your Frankenstein food away from me; bring on the brown rice,” I am also equal parts “Candy makes a perfectly acceptable breakfast.” I took this delivery to mean I did not have to go grocery shopping all weekend, and for that I am eternally grateful.


Since living abroad has lost its newness and has moved into territory that can only be described as perfectly normal, I arrive at my seventh month without any great revelation or swelling orchestra. Instead, I have a growing list of Things I Miss More Than I Thought I Would.

I seem to like lists of 10, so we’ll just keep things consistent.

1. dryers
2. Trader Joe’s
3. my guitar
4. home decorating
5. pets
6. “dinner parties/backyard BBQ’s/wine & Project Runway with Janelle” type affairs
7. my career
8. yoga classes & their respective teachers
9. tending to plants
10. ovens

I’ve found decent tacos, some really great pubs, some lovely new friends, and plenty of alternatives to my favorite hang-outs. Hot Dogs on Sticks are hardly a replacement for Top Dog, but they will do for now. The mountains make up for the ocean. And thanks to visitors and care packages, I have been supplied with (hopefully) enough deoderant to finish out my Tour of Duty powder fresh and odor-free.

But these other things…I’m afraid they don’t fit in a box.

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Hi? Ann I’m Sarah. I really miss and also I really like to ask a questions. 1st. Are you happy there?

Hello! I have a question to you. Do you like Korea? Do you miss me too? -Kelly-

Hi! I want to ask you a question. What was your favorite student in our class? -Susan-

HELLO, What is your favorite thing in Korea? -Dolly-

Hello! I’m Annie I have a question to you. Do you like Korean food? -Annie-

Hi? Ann? When I meet you, I was very happy. I think my favorite city is Germany. And I want to see you one more time. I learn many of Germany and your mind. Do you like Korean food? -Jeany-

Hi! Do you like Korean food better? or Germany food better? -Shirley-

From the boys (a group effort):

Dear Ann.
Hello? We are Stephanie’s students. We are very happy to met you. We are solve the mystery about you so we are very happy. We want to visit Germany because we want to see Germany’s food, thing and people. Have a nice day.

1. What’s your favorite food in Korea?
2. What’s your favorite sports?
3. What’s your favorite book?
4. What’s your favorite habby language?

ann at school

I don’t know what mystery they’ve solved because I sure haven’t. But when you have a minute, I’m sure they’d like to know if you like Korean food.

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Adam King

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